The Green doors

THE TALKING DOORS By Lisa Northway-Perricone I heard a person call behind my bedroom wall So I went out to explore and opened my bedroom door I stepped up the steep stairs until I could not step anymore Then I noticed my feet were cold and my legs were sore Suddenly I made a sharp turn arriving onto the 11th floor I rested my body as I leaned up against a bright green door I noticed it was quiet and that it was different then before It was as silent as death, I could hear the drop of a pin So I rested my bones at the new the place I was in Fo awhile I sat on the ground Hoping to hear the call again Or at the least some kind of sound Then as soon as I set foot to go back I felt compelled to search was on the right track? Like a dog sniffing for a bone I was determined to find that call Just me myself alone Someone or something was calling for me I could hear it clearly but I couldn't see Then I pulled away from the wall Beacuse I heard a human voice next to me It asked me if I had heard it at all I swore I heard nothing there was no call I was young, I just wanted to to have fun But I was so scared I ran down the hall It was a door that was calling for me And it scolded me for not wearing any shoes It said to run with bare feet to the door that read number two I moved so fast I should have fallen But after that I didn't care who was calling I hoped I could get out of that hall But I froze when I heard another call It asked me what I wanted to do And said its name was door dash two It told me that I was nowhere to be founnd As I froze like ice, I looked around It also said since I didn't have any sight Im better off taking a right It said once you make a right Then continue to go straight Or I wont get back home because it will be too late Because door four through eleven would play tricks with my head The door told me I should of stayed in bed I tried to explain that I couldn't see And I didn't know where I was supposed to be But I got interrupted from door number three It said follow my voice kid, you dont have a choice And so I did my best to follow the directions hoping that door Had the best intentions Then I looked down to find a gold and green key And the door said quickly to count to three So with out hesitation I did what it told me to do I was done with my vaction And out that door I flew Suddenly I was going for a ride As I slid down inside a hollow green slide As I continued down I bumped my head And I felt like I awoke from the dead After that blow, I opened my eyes To my dismay I could finally see I was tucked in my bed where I wanted to be I layed there wondering if I had imagined it all Thats when I awoke to the screaming And realized It was me who had been dreaming

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