The Flickering Candle

  • Posted by: Benn Stone
  • Created: October 18, 2016
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I worte this for the parents as they could not find a poem to express their words or feeling of lose for their daughter whom passed at age four.

The Flickering Candle.

You touched my life from the day you looked at me, as if your stare saw straight through me,

I held your hand tight in mine and loved you with all I am.

As you slept I cared for you, as you laughed- I laughed with you, I kissed you ever so softly, without time or space in your company I was home.

I remember the smell of your skin as it fills my heart with a closeness that feels safe in my soul.

The candle of time can be brief, extinguished before we understand how our hearts collide into love, You will always be next to me- as I close my eyes you will always be my true north to happiness.

I will see you again.

The Flickering Candle

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