The Black Pimpernel

Madiba the last testament of Africa;

Hope of Africa! 

Since the 60s the Black Pimpernel of the masses!

Mzansi was your hope...

Hope was you for Mzansi to be free!

27 years in an island of solitude!

To the regime it was Robben Island 

To you it was a house of exhile...

Place of hope and thought!

A loyal member of the masses!

One soul ever to be loved on earth!

Your heart...Your mind!

A formidable combination!

Global inspiration to many!

An Activist of our time!

The martyr of martyrs 

Your loyal Party to the end ...ANC 

In my mind,your love for Freedom!


Your testimony:"I'm not your Prophet or a Saint,I'm your ordinary servant"

"Go back to your schools and learn"

To me that's true leadership!

Salute "Dalibhunga"

Sohlangana ngo Freedom Day! 

A'lute continua...


The Black Pimpernel

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