The Ancient Fathers of Africa

The Ancient Fathers of Africa:

As the bond between father and son is a bond so difficult to break,

so, the bond  between the ancient fathers and Africa is so difficult to break.

For the ancient fathers, long ago, forged a new identity for Africa,

and made the African believe, he is nothing without the ancient fathers,

Africa, although old enough to feed himself and foot his own bills,

is seen always running to the ancient fathers

to do for him that which he ought to do for himself.

This tragedy so beats my mind and bleeds my heart.


When our new identity was forged,

our old self died, and gave way to the new self to rule,

so in our feeble minds and hearts, we still look up to the ancient fathers,

for even the common things we can do for ourselves.

We have sadly allowed the ancient fathers to plunder our lands and mines,

and enrich themselves daily with the fruit of our land and our toil at our own peril.

In our ignorance, we cheaply sold all our pearls to the ancient fathers,

and rendered Africa penniless, so how can we liberate our people from penury and mess,

when our ancient fathers have succeeded to make the sons and daughters of Africa

foreigners in their own home, having no regard for the legacy of the fore-fathers.

I am irritated by the situation of the frustration the African is made to suffer,

 in imitating the ancient fathers, although we're Africans.


African has turned into a continent of penury and misery,

for we have allowd the cord of the ancient fathers to hold us back,

How can we reach the peak  of our progress,

when our heads and minds are tied down, and led to follow every whim and caprice of the ancient fathers.

How can we unite for the common goal of progress,

when the partition of our continent did not only affect our lands, 

For our minds and hearts were made to rest with the ancient fathers;

so we hold high the creed of the ancient fathers:

"Black is inferior; but White is superior"


I look to the day,when the kid in Africa will grow in mind and deed,

to take the full charge of managing his own affairs.

I look to the day, when the cord of the ancient fathers will cut loose,

so all Africans will truly be free in heart and mind.

I look to the day, when the sons and daughters of Africa, home and abroad

will put off the old garment of mental colonisation and

wear the new garment of true freedom and independence of mind.

I look to the day, when all Africans will unite to fight the common foe:

"The corruption of our minds and hearts"

I look to the day, when the whole wide world will run to Africa

to redeem from economic crisis.

I look to the day, when the focus will be on Africa

as leaders of economic transformation.


Let the ancient fathers know, Africa is marching on into a new era of change;

for change is always possible, when the mind can perceive and conceive greatness.

Our mind and heart is set on nothing else but change.

And change, we must and can.

For I hear from afar the clarion call of our fore-fathers:

"Africa, take the lead! Africa, take the lead!! Africa, take the lead!!!




The Ancient Fathers of Africa

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