The Acrobat 2

High above the world she walks,

an acrobat.

She balances her supple frame 

on the taut wire of hopes and dreams

and for a moment in time 

she sets aside

her duties and responsibilities

that have deferred and delayed

the longing hidden deep within

inhibiting her quest

for happiness.


Her innocent eyes

glance to the heavens

then warily gaze

to the ground far below.

Her tormented soul finds the courage

her lovelorn heart the strength

to seize the moment of reverie

and surrender to desire.


Closing her melancholy eyes

before abandoning

her fear of disappointment

she encounters the mysterious yearning

of passion  and longing 

for the resultant tenderness

she was convinced impossible

or certainly elusive before finding

 the momentum of her virtues.


Relying on her wisdom and abilities

she tempts the fates of expectations 

as she is now determined to discover paradise. 

She leaps into the unknown world of love

 her slender hands outstretched.


She grasps the air abundant

of childhood hopes and dreams

while her ballet body soars

and tucks neatly into

a salto mortale of consequence

responding to the disbelief of experts

she disregards the likelihood of providence. 


Determined to find happiness

she ignores the speculation

of witnesses and spectators alike. 

She is reawakened by her curiosity 

to understand the mysteries 

and find shelter in the eternal warmth

and wonderment she has avoided

to protect herself from heartbreak. 



Nimbly she lands 

effortlessly and gracefully

on the clouds of serenity and eternity.

Without missing a breath

she throws her head back

and confirms her intention

with the inviting smile

of inspiration and innocence. 


She twice takes a bow

to the roar of applause

and to the amazement

of skeptics and detractors alike 


that are afraid to take a chance and tumble 

toward the hope of happiness fulfilled

and find tranquility amid

the harmony of  tragedy.


High above the world she walks

now placidly

on the tightrope of life

prepared to begin

to live her life again.



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