The Absent Audience

The Absent Audience

From the dim light of his lantern he engraves his mind onto a piece of paper

His pen furiously scribbling as he pens down his perspectives on life as a whole

Carefully proof reading each sentence before proceeding

Not too sure how his audience will receive his works he erases and interchanges some words

Battling hard to impress an absent audience with his messages

Playing roles for performer and audience, he recites his own writings

His mouth playing himself whilst his ears playing the audience

And listening carefully to the rhyming of his own creations

His mind playing both composer and judge he rates his own performance with amazing fairness

Unconvinced by the intensity of the sting in his words he again erases and replaces some lines

Seating in every chair of opinions he again repeats his own works to himself

Transforming his ears to those of an old man, a young man, male and female he reads his own work to impress his very own ears

Impressing himself twice and failing to impress himself another two times he again erases and replaces some lines

Next step is critiquing his own work, again from the chair of an absent audience

First from an academic point of view he critiques his own views and their arrangement

Then from a social point of view he attacks and defends his own perspectives

Finally savaging his own beliefs from a political point of view

With fatigue and ennui getting the better of him he closes his case

Satisfied he has satisfied his audience in absentia does his pen cease to dance on his paper and his eraser get a break

Finally running through his work one more time, this time slower than all the other times

Time to file his work, ready to be unleashed to the real audience now

The poet's daily struggles

The Absent Audience

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