Tears of Blood

She may sitting in a corner crying
Tears flowing down each cheek from flashbacks relived
Over and over
Seemingly never ending
Occurring relentlessly 
No warnings or any signs of a let up
No care for anybody's opinion
These battles on a daily basis 
Severing the nerve endings of the proud emotions
None of the words we speak can help it let up
Blood many flow through her veins
Along with the hurt and shameful names
Years upon years
Seconds upon the hour
No true end in sight
I'm left to wonder why
With no answers upon the horizon
Slits in the skin seem to be the only relief in it's make up
Blood flowing out to finally see the hurt
The only pain is self-inflicted
She cries while I'm on the sidelines hoping she sees me
Let's me in to comfort and distract from her pained dreams

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