Take Me Out Of The Streets



Take me out of the street

That’s all I am asking for.

Help me to achieve my greatest heights.

I can’t continue sharing the streets with rats,

Because the postman is knocking at my door holding my rents and rates.

They say life begins at forty,

But I will thank God if I reach thirty.


Mr. Authority can you believe it, I can’t even afford to buy my own pants,

I totally depend on my mom like I am her pet.

Please, can you show pity?

Because what I am seeing ahead is a pit.

Take me out of the street that is all I am asking for.


Only if you extend your ears,

Everything I am weeping for is achievable.

In a blink of an eye, I will be wiping my tears,

Because together we are able.

It won’t take years,

Just make resources available,

And I will deal with rest.

Seeing flying isn’t it adorable,

All I need is a push out of the nest.

Take me out of the street that is all I am asking for. 

Take Me Out Of The Streets

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