Take Leave Never Grieve

It is better to do nothing and relax

To escape from daily jobs that tax

Take a few days leave from office

Do to yourself usefully self-service

As a result of this nourishing break

Great come back, you can make

Relaxation makes mood fresh

Boredom is caught in a mesh

Mood will be surprisingly rejuvenated

And all mental faculties are activated

A rest given from day to day routine

Will make mind's pondering clean

Totally different scenes are seen

Upon new environment, ideas lean

Great joy into mind strongly gushes

And all worries it absolutely flushes

Thorough rest ensures peace of mind

Which, only in Heaven, one can find

Never miss this relaxation technique

Please give to your soul this fine tonic

Mind will turn steady, body very strong

Tongue will then sing a wonderful song

Heart will be filled with Divine pleasure

Soul will be ready to face any pressure

In case this type of relaxation is done

One can easily face any kind of burden

Please attend to your soul properly

Help it act very superbly not poorly.



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