Symphony of The Call

They've tiptoed along the morning dew
As clouds above where nothing new;
  Where is the end the rainbow reached?
They've crawled from oceans to drowning rivers
As worlds collided in mountains of shivers;
  Where is the good the bad betrayed?
The canons fire
As nighttime falls;
  Where is the chance?
The courage rises
As innocence cries;
  Where is the advance?
It's sleeping in shadows left behind
By monsters roaming and shearing the minds;
  Where is the path they came from before?
It's covered in dust in fading remains
And loosing its grip to the monstrous gains;
    Where is the symphony of the call?
The world celebrates in victories won
By generations lost to polices undone;
  Where are the lessons?
  Where are the reasons?
  Money talks loader
  As the poppies grow older.
But given the chance, they would fight again
And see through the task to the worlds end;
  But what for tomorrow?

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