Sun will rise in the east

There is noise in the crowd Because someone has shot someone down There is insecurity in the cloud Because someone has burnt someone’s house There is no love there is no peace But I know sun will rise in the east. Woman must cover herself upside down Because man’s pervert eyes are deaf to the noble shouts Children are begging on the streets And crowd enjoy’s melancholy scenes There is no food on the table and ain’t no dignified sleep But I know sun will rise in the east Rich are enjoying crockery with golden dip While Poor are waiting for their turn to live Education is sold to the money And money is for the cheaters who show blackhole as sunny There is no morality and power is with hideous creeps But I know sun will rise in the east. Rivers are flowing in full throttle Blackened with zinc, not able to full a single bottle Forests are pushing their last leaf to save the mother earth While people are hugging concrete ready to dismantle with a single jerk There is only thrust and nothing available to breathe But I know sun will rise in the east Sun will rise in the east!!!

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