String Puppet

Life has caused me at times to feel like a string-puppet

Holding out my hands to heart-ache…here take them and cuff it!

Where you go I go –where… I didn’t really mind

As long as a place of love and warmth inside of you I will find

Pulling my strings like a puppet for so long

So many years wasted! Where have they all gone?

When you say cry I weep intensely…

Throwing me with painful darts causing my heart to ache immensely

Oh the tears they come from a place of pain and gloom

Endless…like water streaming down my face am I alone in this room?

Screaming but no-one seems to hear

Taking the strings of my life and pulling them to and fro…is there anyone that has an ear?

Trying to take my life back one day at a time

But the very next moment I feel you pulling my strings –I’m sure in some countries that would be seen as a crime?

As I weep, I feel this pain in my chest…growing

More and more as the tears are just flowing…

I’ve had enough! This is my life not yours!

Hatred I once felt! Pain was the order of the day! How? Why? You were the greatest cause…

Today Abba Father, I give You the scissor…by Your blood cut the strings

Rid me from all pain and heartache! All hatred and anger and ungodly things!

Snip! Snip! Down come the strings…strings of confusion! Pain! Disappointment! Dependency!

With a brighter future I’m sure to leave behind an outstanding legacy!

You love me Abba Father…with no strings attached – pun intendedJ

I’m filled with so much hope…thought at a point my life had ended

But grace…

Caused me to fall down to my face!

I’ve accepted Your love with all that I am and I’m not letting go!

For the sake of my daughter and others daily I will to grow!

Wrap me with Your Grace and keep me in perfect peace

I’m convinced that within You the fiery flaming darts of the enemy I will repel with ease!

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