One of the hardest objectives to do in this life is to find someone;


Finding someone who loves you like blood,

Who would never let your name be dragged through the mud.

Finding someone who stands by you through thick and thin,

Who would protect you to an extent that no-one else could win.

Finding someone who loves you dear,

Who takes away your hurt and fear.


Although, not everyone can find someone,

But I have, which is lucky for me.

And her name is Stephanie.


Stephanie’s smile matches the size of her heart,

Which is just as beautiful as her talent of art.


Stephanie’s an astonishing mum but an even better friend,

With all my life I know I can depend.


Stephanie knows my deepest and darkest thoughts,

And she carries me through them and her husband cohorts.


Stephanie’s loyalty will never cease to exist,

Which is why mine will always persist.


I will be forever thankful

As Stephanie has never let me down,

And for creating a stronger and more confident Melissa Browne.

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