Someone else to…

Upon reflection I can see What cannot be imagined That part I didn't leave behind I never had So for all my own insurrections Fought along the trail I've blazed and true to form I see not of the mind beyond that deemed As being predescibed as falling beyond the norm a bit meandering yes perhaps But no journey into places unknown Has ever obliged a map And I do look back In efforts to gauge my....Progress....or..lack of... Sometimes I do will myself By all the strength accepted That fear can muster within So I may portend pretending That upon that skirmish ending I chose not that look back For reasons I choose to entertain Conferring within. - seeking spin My spirit to ordain Do not give rise within my eyes A pace that none would ever want... to render as a measure As that may be a reality implied That less achieved would garner not.. aside ones own displeasure Just the same would be the shame Heaped upon Any life lived in self- blinded obscenity willingly giving rise to compromise with reverent resistance to the existence Or any such guiding force it implies So it is upon the highs, where vision becomes extant All effort behind drawn out in the abstract as it's seen meandering Side to Side far more than What could easily be polluted If all distant were not included In the journey forward That never was heading for a destination Not mine anyway, I was just going to what I was led Along the imaginary trail that accepted would never exist ahead of me only behind and in my mind So as first stated herein I cannot imagine All those things left behind that I never had Comfort ,normality, a sense of some reality Domestic security a bit of maturity applied Maybe I will end up old , broke, some local joke A dreamer who believed too much in himself A wasted life lived creating things That may well by themselves seem worthless and a lot of wasted time So I willing accept without regret turning back And get my life on those prescribed by you To be the right track... ....that is if you will take the time to look back on your own existence recall all the things you might try to describe As you would the best wine ever tasted Whether it's achievments had or left behind Some dream never existed still carried in your mind That chance untaken that persists in you forsaken but not ever shaken From the cobwebs of sacred places and define for me the meaning of..WASTED! If you really can, do this ,I will toss all my dreams away But I'm not concerned...if nothing else in my life Is true to form the one thing I know -without doubt -I've learned Is as true as it can matter the circumstance No matter what the final results are. .. true efforts are never wasted ..although may be that sometimes They are left behind..incomplete! Just waiting for someone else.. to come carry on! To complete.
Someone else to…

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