Solemnly                           by  God’stime Ogbenigho Odiri

We gather things in that bag please

During then, now matters ever arising.


Aphrodite, none of thou offspring

Wanton me forever, they all has ceased

O’ cooling gale this one I see now come alonger me

Threshold of blinding desires

 I desire good-luck, lucking till and after nap


“Where were we, toiling time tone?”

Quack knotted, balling pulchritude

Cool assault scorching solemnly

My mind triggered

I rose thee, Peace of all night solemnity

Give me want I want this night

Every night all night perfect nights

Loose this laser lamb fight

Who could be baneful as thee

If not saints? 


My man what thou desire are gone

My body now loose we to clock


The leaves chameleon hue

Gold rustfull, clothes tore

Dog the fast runner loop out his tongue

Canoe sunk beneath the water-bed

Sweetest melodies perished


My man we are no more us

We are sweetened now

Not to that desire.


Sure I glance the face I rose

Rosebud you are now gone from us

Thanks for second life

the cross way to the forgotten house

Where we must meet to end eternally.

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