The forecast projected snow and immediately I thought of her, Not necessarily in a way that a blanket provides warmth, although she is quite warm and that would be the perfect reason to stay in come to think about it. Upon hearing the forecast, I thought of her in the most spontaneous way that snow falls. Giving all of itself asking for nothing in return. That in a world of premeditated notion, she is one of the only things that falls freely. Giving a glimpse of how beautiful she truly is. Sprinkling bits of herself in a way not thought possible. Without care to where and when she falls, she was a free spirit. Leaving a piece of herself everywhere she stepped. Her powdered steps turning slick, a quick glimpse of how silly she is. That slip and fall that makes you resent the ice. Last Winter I slipped constantly, finding myself falling deeper each and every time she fell. Maybe it was the thrill, knowing that she was there to catch me. All is fair in love and war, but the touch of cold hands after taking forever to get warm is never fun. Probably best I buy her a blanket this Christmas

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