Sleepy Dare

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  • Created: July 9, 2019
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Written by author at the age of 9

One night in my dream, Flipping flopping turning tossing all over Cold sweat running down, Cold as ice hovering all around, Saw myself in the castle bed sleeping, Strange, strange, strange? I was deep asleep until a rude, annoying, atrocious screech, “Wake up Tom!” said Mom. Oh my! What a scare! Got up from my sturdy bed Took a shower, Changed my clothes, Stuffed my buttery toast. And I ran past everyone When I reached school I heard the teacher say, “Did you write your essay about sleeping?” Oh my! What a scare! What a dare! My heart was pumping so fast, I was petrified to tell her. Oh no, how could I mess the whole thing? What a day! I think, I must deal with it today.
Sleepy Dare

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