This forest where she resides, Is not like many others. For where the shadows collide, They multiply, forming another. The fog comes and goes, Dense as water, And as the wild wind blows, It forms a haunting Alma Mater. A cacophony of rustling, howling and despair. The woman decided however, She would not let this forest get the better. The woman erected a fire, And with every passing day the flames rose higher. One day, this fire burned so bright, That for once in the woman's life, she saw the light. No, not from the fire, But she saw past the forest's blight. The silhouette's that beckoned from the trees Were only thoughts, decayed from the inside. As the fog lifted with the coming breeze, The shadows plaguing the landscape died, Giving way to the cherry blossoms, Where they will forever reside, Within her mind.

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