Silence tip toe its ways all around us 
Record acts when we think; no one is there 
Hiding in dark shadows from visual sight 
And can not be seen; anywhere 
Basements, storerooms and under staircases 

Silence lurk small chambers and large halls 
Roaming high above and below things; 

Within and between spaces of walls 
Silent listening; never to respond back 
To statements spoke out loud 
Silence hears without a comment: everything 
Ear capture the existence raw awe 
Silence has in statements no utterance 
Still retain knowledge and realities of all 
One can assume silence is not watching 
But its information it will not share 
Silence hold a fortune in actualities 
Because in silence all matters are known 

Silence does not ask a question 
In silence fact is nothing to be said at all 
One might think to themselves
Or hold independent free thoughts
Rattle views or suggestions of ideals in head 

Silence reality is over all substance fact
Silence cover regions man can not explore 
Silence cell judgment is final 
Tight lips abuse; cause suckers to bleed 
Silence fortress has to be broken 
To end the torment and set victims free 
Matter closed: nothing else to be said 
Not right to pass onto others
Divine and righteous responsibilities 
Silence reality having no language 
Convey intents through the eyes 
Silence touch ones inner soul 
Tingling the strings of the mind 
There is no echo in silence fact 
No hush, thump or sound

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