Self Love

Fear overtakes me when I think of the direction our community is heading.

I often ask myself why don't our girls value themselves; 

however I see why.

They removed our queens and replaced them with bad bitches. 

The Afeni's, Angella's, Assata's; the only females  with functional medulla oblongata. 

Women of vision replaced with women that gratifying the senses. Often leading to beautiful young girls prematurely missing their menses. 

The sad thing is; I love these girls;  

For generations they've been use to ill-treatment and have grown unaccustomed to being loved. 


Maturity often strikes after suffering the consequences of a host of bad choices. 


No father figure; so the only figure they figure have value are men flashing the biggest dollar figure. 


Men who care can't often spend much so to the one that can spend much is often where they 

end up only to end up ----hurt.


I sometimes think to myself;

if only they knew the story of Sara Baartman;  

maybe then they wouldn't idolize the minaj's and rose's but would try to be a shell of Michelle and in academia excel with intent to propel their communities;








Self Love

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