Sea Urchins

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  • Created: March 29, 2020
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That night we walked, side by side, the waves gently lapping the shore, You showed me the sea urchins, and I nervously held them in my hand, You assured me that they were safe to touch, as we tread carefully in the dark. Together we walked, and I held your tiny waste, perfectly molded for my hands, Each precious second, truly and deeply felt and appreciated. Our hearts beat harder and faster with each passing moment, The delicious feeling of love in our hearts. The moon shone softly on us that evening, illuminating our path, As we gazed into one another’s eyes, the earth dissolved, and once again, There was only us, an island unto ourselves. Carefully we tread, avoiding the driftwood and delicate sea urchins, Venturing further into our secret bliss, that beautiful scene, The world was ours, and ours alone. Our lips connected, with the soft, sweet, tangy flavor, as potent as any wine, Our tongues gently dancing and delighting, Our bodies pressed tightly against one another, Moans of pleasure, our only dialogue. And again, our island was undisturbed, serene, intended, and magical. I serenaded you that night, my soul bared, as open as the night, You listened with pleasure, as your heart melted away, Our secret, special, unending song of love. We lived a lifetime in those moments, visions of a life in love, And yet, our time together as infinitely small as the hidden universe beneath. The sea urchins, symbolic of our love, At first glance, dangerous and unwelcome, But simultaneously helpless, delicate, and beautiful. Our boat, symbolic of our fleeting moment away from ordinary life, Our time on the island, our solitary moments together. Your beauty, unparalleled, your eyes transfixed on mine, Gazing intently into the face of your love, Such beauty in those brief moments, yet as infinite as heaven. “Always remember this moment” I told you, Knowing just how precious and fleeting it was, In truth, our souls made love that night. That night in December, the night sky our only witness to this delicate love, The moon sat idly by, listening to our sweet, whispered nothings, Jealous that only you brighten my life, A long and dark path, illuminated only by the light of your beautiful soul. We searched the sea for its delicate urchins, And we found each other, wanting, loving, hoping. We knew then, as we know now, that forever is brief. And a moment can live on in our hearts for eternity. For my love for you is as eternal as the sun, the moon, and the stars, Your elegant visage, your beautiful eyes, and your lips as soft as a cloud, Forever in love, your humble servant, for as long as I’m given. We walked along the shore, collecting sea urchins, Considering their short and precious lives, As we contemplated our fate, as precious and beautiful, We walked along the shore.

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