I want to feel that feeling they feel
When the reality is just real

I want to know why they do 
Such a thing out of the blue

Do they feel satisfied 
When they go around bullying 
What was the long ride
They took so they started shooting

So i tried.. 
I tried to bully people 
I tried to feel the feeling
But it wasn't nice
I swear it was breakable

There was that wierd sound
That always say
That in somewhat way
I am right

But there was a scream
Of that child
That explained that i am not right 

I tried to settle things with my self. 
Which is afraid of the shadows that hunts the prey
So how am i
Going to try
Bullying around
With that tie

A tie that is connecting me to reality
Connecting me to the past and to the old me

Will i be able
To forget that knife
I never want to be capable. 
Of hurting others life..


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