Respect is a funny thing. Sometimes you have to stand up to get it, even if you've done well enough to earn it. Ha. That's why I deserted it, I dont need your respect, i give it to myself, countless hours of beating myself, mistreating myself, pushing myself to the highest top shelf. You'll never hurdle me. It never occurred to me, that I could be the one that's writing your eulogy. This is the truest me, this is everyday, this isn't anything new to me. religiously Continuously, counting my bars and starving my heart and writing for hours waiting for the chorus to start. Wait, its on repeat. My mind is in a place where only it can speak. a mental cycle that keeps menacing that starts from my feat It grows from my toes and reaches my nose. The angry comes out like a super nova just rose, I impose, every single thing that I show. I ask you do the same, let the world know. Your strengths and struggles never go askew. Think positive thoughts and the rest will find you, respect is how you see it dont let others define you.

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