Resentment of Contentment

Conditioned from birth to believe the myth 
You MUST worship the happiness monlolith
Billions of visual lobotomies 
Drive modern lifes dichotomies

In order to maintain this state 
Please enter through consumer gate
You must buy what we say you need
Regardless of the lies and greed
Painted smiles don't come cheap
Moving through like flocks of sheep

There is another state of mind 
Hidden away, so hard to find
It goes against what you are told
It can't be bought, it can't be sold

Take a trip inside your brain
Flick the switch, reverse the train
Think about what you really need
The train now moving at full speed

Contentment is the stop you need 
Pierce your mind and let it bleed
Disembark and look around 
Please accept what you have found

I arrived not long ago
I'm settled here, give it a go
Everything tells you it can't be true
The TV, media force fed you
A mantra to control your mind
To make you choices fucking blind
Look between the white noise lines
Their predetermined life designs

Bathe in its simplicity
Wash away toxicity
Settle down, enjoy your days
Forget the pseudo ancient ways

Resentment of Contentment

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