the blood drenched earth sizzled reptile hot

Carcass remnant in disgarded time forgot

Desert sands unfurl a buried drifted secret

Bleached old bones lie in sun set silhouette

Memory will forget exactly where you are

Go round and around and never go too far

Reptilian footprints clawed in the soft sand

Never ever know where they may end, and

Hide inside your mind like a dreamt mirage

Rising in truth's false hope on horizon's visage

Burnt ochre sky snarls like a teased angry beast

Leaping fast overhead salivating for a feast

Desert storm splinters into hard edge blizzard

While time freezes instantly like a petrified shard

Sahara wind screams its viscious blurred attack

in a sharp horde of stabbing needles crack

On wrinkled faces with cactus heat pricked

Burnt scarred vision blurred  of a torrent wrecked

Corpse lies in death without  a sound cremated

Hot breath of life a soul on desert canvas separated.

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