I am the grim reaper I'm coming out with you ,.. I'm sitting on your shoulder to see what I can do I'll be very quiet you will not know I'm there ,...I'm armed up with COVID 19 and both of us can spread it without a care Your young , hip and trendy and rules don't apply to you ,...your go out when you want to ,what the fuck you gonna do I am the grim reaper and my friend you are the best... ,I'm not killing you off just yet ,not like the rest Your doing my job for me giving it to the old ,the sick and very young ,... But little do you know on Friday it's the turn of your mum I am the grim reaper and I'm easy to defeat,...just stay indoors and don't venture out on to the urban streets I am the grim reaper and you can be my side kick for a week or two,... And when you have infected everyone you know ,it's your turn I'm coming after you So beat the grim reaper don't let him have his fun , stay safe ,stay home and protect all your loved ones !

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