**Ravens Covenant**

RAVENS COVENANT Ascended, night women, magic and light, augury of covenants, the continuum of omens, south edge of Jezreel valley, with perfumes of idolatrous fire, marking equidistant the passages, of an illusionist time’s mortality, left primordial in the essence of Endor, sisterhood at the four cardinal points! blessed manifesto past nomadic expression, come to life! come to life! come to life! once again under the waxing moon, found in traces of water at the sea of Galilee, buried in the depths of a bloodied earth, death rebirthing sifted by Gaia’s sagacity, raven healers of the moon’s legacy! past, present and future encircling’s, in sacred obsidian scryings, bathed in cinnamon scents, smudged and sealed, encrypted amulets, now risen! **ClaudelleHenet2019**

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