Princess Trapped In The Glass Bottle

To the princess trapped in the glass bottle. Take a few steps back, I'm going to bust the glass and catch you before you fall. If all else fails, at least we'll have this memory to stand above all else. I've walked passed you once before, I never thought to stop. Reason, Your lips turned up right, eyes quick to roll. The silent treatment of turned backs. Ill gotten tempers. I never once thought through all the complications that the glass was actually dingy. That you actually could have been tired of being passed up because of how high up you were, the trouble of broken glass. Jagged grooves. Smooth binges, blind understatements. I applogize on my behalf, The labels aren't anywhere as good as they use to be. but I promise. If you make that silly face one more time. That one face that equates to "duh" I'm throwing this rock right at your head. If you were anymore transparent, I could swear you just rolled your eyes again
Princess Trapped In The Glass Bottle

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