Take a drink. Do not be afraid. Feel the world turning. Colour and shades mixing. Take off your dreams. Follow me down the path. Stagger from side to side. Step off the edge. Bleed the grass. Take the gifts from the children. Dance beneath the night’s depth. Let the bells rhyme in your mind. Touch her deep. Anytime, anyway. Touch her deep. Nude in heaven and earth today. What steals the poet heart? A star? Lost in the day sky. Drifting dust Caught in the wind. Waltzing with word Such a vile Tango Struggling To draw breath To find Truth It will not come Ponderings feeble. Head pounds Stop! Emotions angered Slash deep wounds Take pride to assets gained. Why Agrona? Do your best. Take these hands. Silence the pursuit. Quiet the myth Show mercy Rest this failed soul To grand Isle Where dragons bring knightly peril Heroines command love and chivalry And I refuse thought As I walk A shadow Watching the magnificent Opera

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