Poems to Enlighten

~~Poems to Enlighten
Dear Lord; God,
Please help me to relay your significant message.  Clear me for your divine light to shine through.
I must absolve myself to let the creative force do its work, for it will not be me- it will be you.

Gates of Love-
Until I learn, these lessons will not end
All my life to these headings I must tend
The minds’ energy I've got to control
It's the negative thoughts that take their toll
Those feelings which caused me so much turmoil
Bringing my peace was accomplished with toil
The sorrow has taught me to just let be
To the gates of love this pain has brought me

The Moment-
As I looked deep into my mind it escaped me every day
No matter what I was up to it came back in every way
Every time I got reminded I really tried to keep a hold
Faithfully it came and went revealed much as it did unfold
I look into this heart of gold made known to this humbled creature
It is now many years later the moment's like second nature

The Process-
Step up, step out of the muck.  Shake if off; embrace it for it was a process
Delve in, it's time to begin.  The process never ends; be sure to not drop this
This never-ending process of evolving lies within our path, it is our destiny
Encompassing those good and apparent bad develops both compassion and empathy

One (un) in (i) harmony (verse) - (Sanskrit)
The harmony of the one vibrates the very core of my being
Elevating me higher in the consciousness, it is so freeing
It exists beyond words; indescribable, I wish we were all there
Covered over by lies, getting rid of the illusion is rare
To know that we are all part of the one is quite difficult to tell
It's not just a material plane but a spiritual one as well

Entangled in a Web-
Open up to what's inside, we are much more than what we see
In the material plane we mistake what we see to be
We are currently trapped, like a bug entangled in a web
Things change when we begin to shed the views that keep us misled
A new world opens up when we remove our limitations
We then begin to understand these wonderful creations

Negative Thoughts-
No more negative thoughts bringing you down
Bad energy released making you frown
It builds and affects your mentality
And causes undue stress in the body
It's likened to a brick house that you've built
Thrown together like an old, ugly quilt
Time to build a new house made of gold though
Just be aware of the seeds that you sow

You've built your personality; control is still easy to lose.  In your created nature, from your true self you've gone so far
Every day things causing you pain when things just don't go as planned.  A false ego full of distress, it's not who you really are
You've got to control yourself no matter what is happening, rather than let what is happening have control over you
You just have to let go of everything that keeps you attached, getting so angry, can't you see that there's nothing you can do?
So you lose control over yourself without even thinking and when getting yourself all worked up, your soul yearns to be free
Be in charge of your emotions no matter what comes your way; staying in control, released from the clutches of misery

Driving Force-
I am the driving force; I choose which way my reality will go
Consciously or unconsciously, I'm choosing these things to be so
Look at and change the behaviors that are driving me unconsciously
Make a decision and become the way that I'd really like to be
Change my behaviors by changing my thoughts; change thoughts by the way I feel
It all comes down to how I really feel and what I think to be real

It's all about choices; we're the ones to decide
God lays each and every one before us; therefore,
Thy will to provide or be along for the ride
Use this willpower, take responsibility
Don't think that we don't have some part to do with it
To make the right choice we have the ability

Rejection seems to be the killer in the mind
Perception is the one that gets us every time
Reactions to situations that go below
Causing a pattern that only sets forth the show
Take charge, stop reacting, just let go of it all
This breaks the patterns that make our self-esteem fall

Light (hu) and Mind (man; manna) - (Sanskrit)
Beings of light and mind, it's time for us now to begin
We've lost sight of our goal and forgotten our origin
Become aware of the illusions that we are under
We do not remember our true spiritual nature
See them for what they really are, these bodily concepts
A vehicle for the material experience
Incorporated in this realm to create expressions
To then, hopefully, learn and grow upon our reflections

Intelligent Universe-
It created everything!  It is everything; from the subtlest vibration of energy to the grossest form of matter!  Look at what it has done!  It has put its life into non-living materials.  It is using the materials to manifest itself in an extremely complex system that has the capability of realizing itself physically.  But, we've lost our way and we think that we are these bodies that have created consciousness; when, it's the other way around.  We feed our ego's desires and forget that we are part of this intelligent universe.

Always Accept, Never Expect-
Always accept, never expect; even when you feel that one is inept.  You were once as they are, someday they'll be like you.  We're all traveling on the same road; some are farther ahead, though they are few.  The few that are a bit further ahead have to help the others through.  We are all one entity; I can only grow so much without you.  We are all evolving to the highest of planes, and for us to do this we must gain control of the reigns.  Plus, with no expectations comes no disappointment.  Free from then being let down allows the ultimate anointment.

All Are One-
Excuse me, but I don't think you see that we are all part of the same.  Open your heart and open your mind; let your soul unwind.  Join us in this bliss, of love beyond fear.  Love; do not be afraid to let the light in.  Shine; the light emanates all, through you.  Have no fear; it's the strongest you'll ever feel!  So much so, you'll find the fear to open up was indeed a weakness.  Nothing can tear you down once you discover your true self.  All are one- one is all.  Feel the energy.  Tune into the vibrations; so many variations in the manifestations.

Love yourself, love this life, love everything; love whatever the turns in life may bring
Love all our eyes have allowed us to see, love the butterfly that flits by gently
Love the twinkling lights in the bright, night sky; and then the one who silently does cry
Witnessing through our eyes as time fleets by; waiting for us to come to realize
That God's the one who quietly resides, as love, in the hearts we have often chastised

Is it a coincidence that the Western is opposite the Eastern philosophies where eating is a form of violence, sex is a form of meditation, and pleasure is obtained by simply doing nothing at all?   Here in the West- we eat for pleasure, sex is for pleasure, and doing nothing at all, we simply try to avoid it at all costs.

The Present-
Stop tripping on the past and tripping on the future; you’re then left to trip on the present, and wow!  What a trip!  Always oh so caught up in the thoughts of this or that.  Everything's been stuck to the side of either white or black.  It's time to finally see where it's all really at.

Silence in the mind reveals all that there is to be seen.  In this relax full state it is calm, at peace, and serene
Once the ego breaks that silence with its intelligence by labeling things for their appropriate compartments, the sacred, beautiful moment is lost eternally
This is a natural function of our mind's sanity. Know now, without words we can hold ideas and concepts.  Above all, we do not need to sacrifice the moments
People have been searching for enlightenment all this time.  They feel as if there's something right there to be realized
It is the moment that they, unknowingly, wish to feel.  It's covered by thoughts and feelings which they think to be real
These reactions, people think it's their personality.  Shedding the ego, they think they would be dull and boring
Believing they would be animation devoid all of; they are mistaken.  The truth, nothing could be further from

Subconscious Mind-
The subconscious mind is really quite literative, one function is to deliver on the thought you give
Be careful what you think for it acts upon it, doing what you ask whether or not it sees fit
Another known thing about the subconscious mind, it doesn't know the difference between you and I
So when you're negative toward another person, who's the one that's really getting hurt?   You're the one

Holy Grail-
I am a holy grail; I am an empty cup
I've cleared away my thoughts and views; God's manna fills me up
I've become like a child, I've opened up my eyes
Staying in the moment, I've come to realize

Be Still and Know-
One of the main goals in life is to learn control of the mind
Just quiet your thoughts and then that's what you'll find
It does take much effort to put an end to the chatter
After a while you'll see that thoughts don't even matter
Once you've controlled your thoughts now work to control your emotion
Watch the waves crash over you and dissipate in mind's vast ocean
Once your feelings are subdued and being held at bay
New emotions flood your concepts and grand ideas come into play
True reality dawns on you and knowledge becomes your "rod"
Then you finally understand the meaning of “Be Still and Know, I am God”

From a very young age we block out our dreams
Think they're unimportant?  It's not what it seems
All dreams emanate from the subconscious mind
Many answered questions in dreams you will find
Symbolism is how the subconscious speaks
To communicate with you is what is seeks
Remember your dreams for they do have meaning
And they come from what deep down you are feeling
We've got to learn to intertwine with our soul
No matter what in life you think is your role
So, begin to hear what your dreams are saying
You'll then decipher messages relaying

God gave us the tools in which we are to render
We then keep ourselves from experiencing splendor
Thoughts are the language of the intellect and mind
The language of the soul is emotion entwined
Depending on what we are feeling, we create
Deep down it's what we really feel that seals our fate

Wisdom does not come with age despite what we've been taught
It comes through experience, who we are matters not
One who has become wise can be someone fairly young
One who has been stuck in old ways can be feeling numb
Be aware to those of "old" who feel they know it all
Closing your eyes, missing lessons in disguise, you'll fall

There are many who believe that they must demand respect
They don’t give it much thought; it’s just something that they expect
Deep within their mind, unrelenting in its persistence
Conditioning from previous patterns of existence
This truth is known- whatever we put out tends to come back
An automatic response to a negative attack
Real respect is earned only when true respect is given
The way we deal with others can be correctly driven

Second Coming-
Oh what a world this would be if we all were as one
Thank God for the process, it already has begun
This love that we speak of is really quite contagious
It's taking our common thread and is uniting us
The second coming is coming, but not how most think
It's awakening the minds that are just on the brink

Overflowing Cup-
We are incredible!  So why are we playing "poor me"?
Do we shrink due to someone else's insecurity?
Don't mentally put yourself down to raise another up
Let your love saturate them from your overflowing cup
Another thing in mind is that emotions are addictive
Chemicals required is what the situation will then give
What emotions, good or bad, are you addicted to?
Change the way you think and feel to let love overflow from you

Mind Power-
Focus energy not on the problem but on the solution
This will allow you to then accomplish your resolution
Leave behind the thought of the problem that's what you've got to do
Its mind power, don't think about it and it won't affect you
Focusing on the problem just feeds the problem energy
Think only on the solution and this will then set you free
Don't give up, keep your mind busy, it won't take long so stay strong
To the thoughts of the problem's solutions you've got to hold on
Thoughts are creative; that's how we create our reality
It all depends on how you decide to think on how to be

Test of Strength-
Just when I think that I've mastered my mind, life sends me yet another test of strength
Showing me I've got quite a ways to go, I'm not even close to the highest rank
At least I see the lessons to improve and I'm working on bettering myself
Letting go of things then rewards me with peace for leaving my ego upon the shelf

Our spirit is currently in fragments, we must gather our strength to carry forth
Reconnect with as many that you can to be quite indeed a tremendous force
The energy increases within you as you give out your love to one and all
As we share this feeling with each other, more and more of us will hear the call

Generation Gaps-
She comes across as a bit childish and at first you think that it's an act; that she's just trying to act young, but then you see that it isn't an act at all- that she's just being herself and she treats you likewise and then you realize that it's everyone else who is acting... as one grows older they learn to refine their personality, becoming more mature and articulated.  Little do they know that they've become egotistical.
"Generation Gaps" are a very real thing to those who have grown oh so far away from their own true self.  In their minds, they put other people down, thus creating in themselves that which God desires least.  Remember, thou shall not judge, lest ye be judged thyself.  Spirit is Spirit.  If you do not know this, then you will be lost in yet another subtle form of ego.

Part of This-
A great thing happens when your mind is at peace
You'll find love in yourself when you just let be
No words of judgment or bad situations
Accepting what comes without expectations
In the mind you then begin to analyze
Situations do then seem to synchronize
We look separate, but in actuality
All of the energies are interacting
To know in your heart we are all part of this
It brings a higher love for all that exists

Unconditional Love-
Abolished judgments against myself and discovered acceptance and love for myself, became secure and self-confident.  Overcame fears of non-acceptance from others, opened up for everyone to see- began to experience positive energy.  Realized judgments against others were creating negative energies in me.  Stopped judging and came into acceptance.  Acceptance showed me we're all the same when you look beyond the ego.  Seeing the sameness made me feel we're all connected.  Feeling we're all connected brought me into great love and joy.  Opening up completely and having someone I love, fully take advantage of me taught me about unconditional love; first through understanding and acceptance, then forgiveness and letting go.  Is it a vulnerable weakness, or is it strength?  Would you think of it as being passive?  Does a negative reaction do any good or does it just create negative reinforcement?  What about the subtle effects of positive energy on a negative person, not to mention your own, precious peace of mind?  Manifest higher states of consciousness.  Love with no conditions will then bring bliss.

There's a balance the silence brings eventually- the silence, the secret, the soul, then comes harmony
Silence reveals the secret, the secret is the soul, knowing this brings harmony- this is our common goal
Can't turn your mind off to the point of insomnia?  Silently say sssh when every time a thought pops up
Unimportant thoughts that the mind thinks it needs to know; these thoughts are a waste of energy, just let them go

I've got two theories for anxiety.  The first one is that you must let needs be.  The mind can only think upon one thing; do more, the mind won't know what it's doing
The other is the body needs a drink; dehydration brings you just to the brink; without water, your life begins to sink; this precious water, it is our life's link

Degrees in energy vary, this energy all things carry
Stay there quiet; just let things be, all reactions require energy
Every thought, every emotion, every sensory perception
Don't waste it, take care to conserve.  Build it up, for it will then serve
Keeping the mind fully aware, these higher states, you will get there

Some people don't think of the garbage that they create, all that packaging and not just from the food they ate
Then, most of that stuff should go in the recycle bin; yet, into the trash it goes this is quite a big sin
I recycle everything, it's almost obsessing- I feel so guilty when I throw away anything
A parasite is one that consumes and creates waste, it causes so much damage the host must then make haste
When we're acting like parasites the earth can't resist, nature gave us everything we need to co-exist
Please, you must do your part to make sure that all goes well; if we do not act real soon this place will go to hell
To come, vegetarianism's the next thing; and, we must feed the earth with natural composting
Nourish the soil to not let nutrients deplete; this then, in turn, nourishes the food that we eat
We are all herbivores biologically.  Regardless our view, we're not meant to eat meat
Putrification creates poisonous waste, this flesh then we must quickly eliminate
And for this purpose carnivores must possess alimentary canals three times their length
Humans have twelve times the length of their body; that meat in their gut is literally rotting
Then the system's left to filter the toxins- not to mention, for us, that animal's life ends
Nature gave us all that we need to survive, in harmony all life will naturally thrive

They say truth is full of paradox; it's very subtle and contradicts
We are not them and they are not we; we must stay separate, we are not thee
This is one thing that needs to be learned, to desensitize the pain they've earned
Mistakes in life show us who we're not, for us to then go better our lot
God did give us free will, it is true.  Those who choose right, there are only a few
Some things just seem unacceptable, acts completely reprehensible
We must accept for what can we do?  Just let it go to not affect you
Take what comes we must not keep a hold, in subtle ways the truth will unfold
Mistakes are leading us all somewhere; hopefully, someday we'll all get there

Yin Yang-
The Yin Yang is an ancient symbol that depicts everything that exists; the world of opposites
A circle encompassing, embracing it all; step outside the boundary, it is not a wall
See how everything relates together as one; if we did not have opposites, things would be done
Becoming objective on how you think and feel, finally removes yourself from this karmic wheel

I would like to say something to my Self
I want to thank you for coming through me
I'm here as a tool for you to use me
I trust you; do what you want with me
You're amazingly entwined in me, Self
Spiritually, you've made me grow, I love you
Everything I do, this is all for you
I know in my heart that all comes from you
Take me over, make manifest your Self
Most are unaware of our Higher Selves
That exists in every one of our selves
One that's most grand, the Self beyond all selves
Incredible!  This magnificent Self

Tao Te Ching-
It is said in the Tao Te Ching philosophy, of the most types of men and women, there are three
The first one is currently not used for God's tool; hearing higher things, who laughs out loud is the fool
The next stage there is half belief and half doubt.  In this view, God's gifts if life do not tout
And lastly are the "supreme personalities"; hears truth then it immediately embodies
These developing phases are not permanent; unfolding slowly, consciousness is heaven bent

Be aware and take care of the acts you do
For everything comes in some way back to you
Every action then causes a reaction
Giving us glimpses into God's perfection
Karma is real, it can happen instantly
And then sometimes it's delivered quite slowly
There is a way to put an end to the drama
Let go of the ego with its false dogma

Grace comes in absence of ego in action
Every detail is given full attention
Engrossed movements leave no room then for mistake
While being aware of every step you make

For those who keep close to what has occurred
It clouds their mind and their vision is blurred
Such an emphasis on things of the past
Holding onto the things that don't last
The patterns that we continue to play
Freedom from bondage is not far away

We should not place one man upon a pedestal.  Making one special makes weak the other people
Even Jesus said, "Have I not said, ye are Gods?"  Only a rare few are chosen, what are the odds?
It is not possible for God to have just one son.  In this grand creation, we’re all God’s children
The truth of our existence, to me it is clear.  We're all meant to rise up; you must then have no fear
Giving love selflessly is the ultimate goal; knowing of the Higher-Self in everyone's soul
Pouring out your love increases your energy.  Eventually you'll see we are God, you and me

Poems to Enlighten

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