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To many times in my life

Have I tried to just hide

And deny that my life Was a lie

And I'd wonder why

I would find myself blind

To the real world outside

And I don't think I'm alright

And I doubt I'll see sleep tonight


You see the thing about this addiction

Is that you're blind to the problem

Especially if from a young age

You've fed it deep into your system

Things like long term depression and lack of motivation

Can often be the result Of a life of intoxication


And if it becomes a part of you before really you have time to grow

Then the side effects of weed just become something you always known

And you can feel that the anxiety Is simply a part of you

It's something you've always gone through

You'll deal with it

It's nothing new


I couldn't deal with it

So instead I decided to spend most of my nights

At home 


Getting stoned All on my own

Watching Game Of Thrones Wishing I was Jon Snow

And as the numbness grows

And them feelings start to go

Anxiety, depression and self loathing Still seem to overthrow



That's the funny thing about hitting rock bottom 

It could be the loss of a loved one

Or a relationship that can never be forgotten 

These are the kind of things 

That'll set up your path of self destruction

But that path will only last

If you continue to grasp to the past

The regret will eat away at you

And you won't even notice your life has passed you by

And you start to wonder why

You didn't even try

It kinda feels like now is the right time to rise



Like the Dark Knight I rise

With a new sense of optimism

And a slightly less skepticism

And about the same level of cynicism

And the chains of this addiction

That once served as my prison

Seem to be disintegrating

Into rust

And then dust

And then just

As I thought

That I'd fought

My last war

The time came once again

To endorse a new course

For my life to walk

And open the door

To try to make my mind healthy once more


Because now it's tme to stop dwelling on former failed glories

Time to stop sabotaging everything that befalls me

Time to answer to life because she's been calling me

And it's time to leave the past in my poems and stories

And with pma I can get me through the day

Without substance abuse

Or a life reduced

To chains that keep me at bay

And yeah I slipped little

And then I slipped a whole lot more

But now I'm just trying to live a stronger life Without magnifying minor strife


And I know that life can be a struggle

And certain things can lend a crutch

But dependency turns to addiction As quick as the flash and such

Important life choices shouldn't be made under the influence

Drinking and smoking through you problems is easy but doesn't make any sense

So I applaud the person who can look at their addiction

And make the changes that are needed

And no longer bow to their constriction

And stay true to their ethics

And stay true to their moral code

One life, one chance, do it right



Because life can be rough

And it's easy to give up

And say you've had enough

So when life gets tough

Don't give in or lay down

Stand your ground

And be proud

Don't give in and go sour

Try to rely on your Turtle Power

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