Please Dont Come Back

Honestly I was very sad when I wrote it and needed to get my frustration out. Its about the fact that i smoke and a family member was really not happy with the way I live as a student. 


A Drag

A heartbeat

A teardrop


A lit cigarette

A broken heart

A crying eye


My you go in peace

Drive far, and drive safe

Don't come back


Don't come back


You have your life

I have mine


You complained about me

You threatened me

You disagreed with me

You compared me to an enemy


I’m not my sister

I’m not a failure

I’m not a disappointment

But I know in your eyes

I am all those things


For the sake of peace

I will change

For the sake of peace

I will hide

For the sake of peace

I will submit


But don't think you have won


I am strong

I am stubborn

I am determined

And I will be who I choose to be


Remember the good times

Think of me fondly

Dream a little dream of me


Please don't come back

Please Dont Come Back

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