Paronoia (DRUGS)

Paranoia (DRUGS) Everybody is whispering It's making me confused I don't know if I'm going mad Or it's the drugs that I've just used   I haven't been to bed for days I'm always wide awake My body don't Know what to do And my bones do really ache   I have become so paranoid Suspicious and alert I accuse my partner of cheating Because I'm scared of getting hurt   My brain is playing games with me I'm unsure what to believe If I don't stop accusing Then my partner's gonna leave   I keep on seeing shadows They are everywhere I go My body craves for sleep I should go to bed, I know   Paranoia has grown I no longer feel alone I feel somebody is watching me Through the camera on my phone   It's finally taken over And I'm not feeling great I think it's time I seen a shrink To fix my mental state.    
Paronoia (DRUGS)

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