Open Thoughts

I stumbled across a dream last night, or at least that’s what I believe it was

I seem to be having trouble deciphering whether it was a dream or possible an incomplete fantasy

Cause I seem to be awake, so I poked myself with a stick so I could feel the pain, I felt it so that must mean that I’m semiconscious

Or maybe reality is subconsciously catching up to  me, so I jumped in shower to wash the Sin away, then my animalistic Desire came into play, whispering nothing to me but that naught language

 As my thought started to Unravel, I hopped out the shower because as cold as the water was the my real intentions seem to add fuel to the fire, and as the Steam starts to fill up the room, this all had seem to Excite me, it was quite the Delicious Poison

Metaphorically speaking

Instantly I knew wrong was wrong, but wrong never felt so good, yes was yes and no wasn’t even in my vocabulary,

Temptation surrounded my system , but my logical thinking stood in Tact, as I put pen to paper  an  intriguing presentence captivated my attention intensifying this situation,

 So I inquisitively and roughly took the music out my ear to stop the Teactresses   because I realized that temptation was sitting next to me the whole time

 So you tell me is this something I should take lightly, because it seems hard as hell to carry.

Either way the thought of it is still hard to Admit.



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