One way Street

One Way Street

One way street One way street is most of us live our lives Never understanding lies ,we tell our self to get by. One way street is way most men treat the love of their lives. Not understand she will love you at your best of time . All well as you worse of time . One way street is how most women treat their man after most horrible mistake in time. Sometime we need to love partner even if they are stupid and not comprehending at a time. One way street is way that how fake friend show their friendship for you. But don't let get to you, because real friend will always show you the truth. One way street is how live my life for so long. But, I realize the only way to true happiness. It lets the pain go . Because one way street a one way. But to survive in the world you at two sides every story. Really three sides, you , their, and the truth. So trying to ride on a one way street because you will eventually be alone on this one way Street.

P.S Just a Little Piece Of My Soul

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