Of Innocence Lost

Of Innocence Lost Childhood is neither asked for nor desired, And yet is thrust upon one in due time, One’s family is not chosen but given, Circumstances for the most part out of one’s control, Yet they shape and determine whether said child will be whole. Red, and yellow, black and white, Each child should be a parent’s delight, Yet life is quick and time is short, As the clock hands turn, parents must determine each hours import. It only takes a moment for innocence to be taken, For the heart, spirit, and soul of a child to be shaken, Sometimes it is death or a family broken, To make one feel their life is a token. Other times it is an action of someone of trust, To overturn a life and into darkness thrust, To freeze the emotions to shut down the heart, To stunt the life of said child, before it can start. A moment of pleasure for one for the other is great pain, The pleasure is fleeting and difficult to sustain, So the innocence is taken again and again, Until the heart is calloused and there is no willpower to abstain. The thoughts of the victim are poisoned, are afflicted, The result could have been easily predicted, The lad can grow to physically be a man, Yet be stunted forever and not reach God’s plan. Depression is the friend and joy is the foe, It is difficult for the man to reveal or to show, For it cannot be measured truly the cost, Of a child whom forever has innocence lost.

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