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  • Posted by: Sean Smith
  • Created: September 14, 2020
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No more wondering, No more hearing more from others, No more dreams of growing old together No more helping through your depression No more helping while mom was sick, No more helping when mom passed away, No more being there for you when you could not get out of bed No more the parent that did everything and carried the family. No more secrets, No more begging. No more white lies, No more speaking about people behind their backs, No more screams for asking, No more manipulation, No more guessing, No more being turned down as a husband, No more wanting to be your friend No more only a father to our kids, No more betrayal, No more fake, No more my house, No more my kids, No more my car No more what you did, No more ruled by what you say, No more on your terms, No more parenting, No more slave, No more master, No more flirting, No more gas lighting, No more apolagies for no reason, No more empty promises, No more, I have too conform to your way, No more by your rules, No more disrespecting me, No more belittling me with others, No more excuses, No more making breakfast, No more making dinners, No more preparing dinners and you dont arrive, No more runs to the shops, No more remembering special anniversarys, No more family time, No more asking to be present, No more asking me to help you stop and then using this against me, No more bad habits, No more come downs, No more nursing you, No more saying to you its a bad idea No more asking you to stop, No more drying your tears No more making a fool of me, No more making me out to be the bad one, No more helping you when you get sick No more appoalgising and doing the same thing again. No more looking after the kids while you sleep and get better. No more bringing you food while you feel like death No more putting our kids at risk, No more neglecting our kids, No more taking me for granted, No more putting you first, our kids are now my number one. No more the person that ever gave up No more the one I married, No more waste of my time, I now take back me, you were not deserving. Do what you want, No more my problem. Thank you for showing me who you really are, SOS

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