No escape

Trapped in a hell of my own making..

Can't leave my home, no where to go, no point in running..what will it solve?

Too embarrassed to seek refuge in anyone else's home, no matter where I go, without hiim, I'm all alone. 

So hypocritical I am, absorbing endless abuse but I lecture others about incidents incomparable to mine.

I feel so weak but I must be strong, to still be standing here after all that he's done.

Afraid to speak, feel or think..I'm half the person I used to be (since him).

I must be doing something wrong, why else would I deserve this treatment for so long?

If I'm so strong why don't I leave? Why can't I take my own advice and heed?

The hope I have just doesn't die out but the love inside still true without a doubt.

Until my last breath I'll still be here, I'll never escape this world of fear.

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