No condition is perfect

I am inspired by the sudden twists and turns of life.

No Condition is Perfect

I look and behold,

"No condition is perferct"

The beautiful flowers,

you see today,

soon wither away,

like the blink of the eye.


Where mighty rivers once occupied,

are now perpetual desserts;

where mighty oaks once stood,

are now bare grounds;

the Sub-Saharan dessert,

was once a mighty forest,

occupied by mighty oaks.

The rains we once cherished,

are now curses unto us.


I look and behold,

"No condition is perfect"

Yesterday, you were a baby,

but so soon, you gradually graduate,

through the passage of time,

and before you realize,

you are fully fledged.


Life flies faster than bolt,

as your beauty quickly fades away;

like the speed of light,

your strength begins to wane,,

soon your life withers away,

like the blink of the eye;

The pace of deterioration beats my mind and

bleeds my heart.


I look and behold,

"No condition is permanent"

Like mighty waters

turning into perpetual desserts,

so riches can turn into perpetual penury.

Do not worry,

when the wealthy trade places

with the pauper;

for life is full of twists and turns:

Even mighty kings and kingdoms come;

but they all fall

with the passage of time,

like bare grounds inheriting mighty oaks,

paupers and servants inherit

the place of the rich.





No condition is perfect

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