Negligence    - Austin Ogbenigho Odiri

Besides leaden negligence

Whose mother travelled

A folklore also off-hand tale

Withholding pale

From simultaneous narrator victim

Frost wide theme


It beams like madness

And showeth forth coldness

A very capture for isolation

Frustration with condemnation,

Temptation not a rejection

Peasantry not a peaceful session

Non some cognac, as best selection


Always throw playback

Fried or dried on its rack

Assisted callosity of peasantry



Truly in cold scorching flames

Or blamed against wealth so went blame.


In vault now he lies

And can no a more flies

Share pleasantry

Or stoop to conquer peasantry


Man with gallon fuel on the right

Left blazing blurs blue fires light

Amidst is he

What do thee think of pea?

Ready to explode as wall Jericho

Or as like world most finest bomb expose

So like homeless scattered dry leaves

Man did travelled for leave

The world at his back

He peep with little eyes

The world is nothing blissful

Either does she shows

Peace in everlasting fullness

Silence is envy of life!

Upon sides of life all not well

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