My Search

My Serch I'm serching for someone. The trees loom over my head. My eyes are open, but they feel shut. This road in front of me is long. But, still I go on. I can hear the loud clap of thunder, And smell the scent of rain blowing in the wind. I do not let my legs tremble for I do not fear. I've been down this lonely road before. You could almost say we are friends. No, we are closer. Some might say I gave birth to this forsaken road. Yet, still I search. I cry out your name into the black abyss! All I hear is an echo in return. My own voice mocks me. The storm begins. The road goes on. The trees grow taller. My search for you continues. By: T.J. Tom 2/5/2020

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Dreams, desires, id and ego.


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