My Rhyme:

My playground, my mirror, my vision

My gift, my offering , my contribution

My doubts, my regrets, my never-absent fears

My frowns, my laughter, my ever-flowing tears


My symetry, my perfection, in well-constructed sentences

My anger, my bitterness, in well described insults

My sighs, my sadness, in well-designed humor

My hope, my ideas, in a black and white rainbow


If I have ever been beautiful, I painted a picture

If I have ever been special, I daydreamt in words

If I have ever loved, I proclaimed in rhyme

And if I have ever deserved , I flattered myself on paper


My choice, my opinion, the only vote I will ever cast

The other side of the mirror, my seceret and mine alone

My blurred focus, equal in importnace only to my shadow

My nonsense, my senseless graffitti, my precious dust


It is a story only my voice can pronounce

A beginning and destination, only I can announce

It is my pride, my virtue, my blinding vanity

My life ,my song, my words in rhyming clarity



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