My Mental Illness

~~My Mental Illness

 My mind waxes and wanes like the moon.
 I need my best friend to make thoughts full.
 A wave, flowing and ebbing along the shore;
 I need my best friend to stem the tide.
 Oh, how a powerful force does pull at my brain!
 Making my memory drenched and my consciousness drained!
 Oh, what a terrible force!  A tsunami on the rise!
 Flooding my passions and drowning my joy!
 But, in defiance, my best friend, on the beach with me play;
 A camaraderie so strong that even in illness I cannot be swept away.
 Come, my best friend, let us on the dance on the sand
 Until my mind becomes focused and my ambitions become grand.
 When my mind is focused, how funny are the jokes!
                                            how sharp is the wit!
                                            how smooth the delivery!
                                            how hysterical the scene
 Everyone roars whenever I speak.
 The humanity soars as the laughter peaks.
 So incite me like a mad, summer night;
 So I can make the world howl and creation be right.
 Tease me with your gentle touch;
 So I can tickle a planet starved for affection.
 Halleluiah!  I’m healed!  All looks so perfect! so bright!  so great! 
 The intensity of your friendship has set my mind back into place.
 My humor is regenerated compelling God to now call:
 “Create a Garden of Eden and prevent a second fall.”

My Mental Illness

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