My Love

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My love
It’s time for me to leave
This is not what I wanted
This is not what we intended
I have to stop this never ending grief

My love, I hope you understand
That after all the time gone by
I finally have the strength to say goodbye
It’s my heart you stole
and left a picture of you in my soul

My love
You held it in your hands
with such grace and such care
With no intention to break it
There’s not one bad word about you to be said

Oh my love, I hope you understand
And forgive my bitter words
It’s the way I deal
Forgive my burning scars
They’re starting to heal

My love, I hope you understand
I can’t keep living in the past
I can’t keep making myself miserable
When I could be happy

My love,
I’m not trying to wipe clear my memory
Of your silhouette next to me
The taste of your skin
Shades of your make up on my pillow

My love, I hope you understand
I’m not forgetting you
I’m simply moving on
Getting out of the hole you left
Fact is, you’re gone and I am here

My love,
He could never replace you
no one ever could
And he’s not supposed to
my life is now and not the past
Things fit a different way

My love, I hope you understand

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