Missing You

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  • Created: March 29, 2020
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Sitting alone in my room, staring out of my window, Searching for my love, but she is no longer there. The tropical night feels strangely cold and lonely, My days pass slowly without you there to fill them. Waiting for something that will not come, Expecting to wake up from a bad nightmare, But you have gone, and here am I, Alone in love, my heart in tatters. Teardrops fall quietly down my cheeks, My sad countenance replays every shared moment, True love hurts worse than death, Hopeless and excruciating, a reminder that love is real. Every minute I want to call you on the phone, Each moment that passes, an eternity, But wait patiently I must, I suffer silently, Missing you, waiting, wanting, with nothing I can do. Walking through the halls at work today, I thought I saw you from behind, But you faded away, and I was left empty and gutted, A shadow only, my heart’s desire, gone once more. I dreamt of you last night, my love, I dreamt of sunshine, love, and joy, I awakened to cold, bleak morning, My heart destroyed, my soul brought low. Maybe I imagined you, and none of this is real? My heart, so weak, and each breath pains me, You are everything I need and more, Where is my love? Can I confess how badly I need her? Needing her more than I dared to dream? I saw your house from afar today, And wondered where you are, You disappeared, caught on the breeze, My beautiful, brightly-colored songbird, She has flown away from me, And left a deep void in my heart that only she can fill. How can she affect me so? Why here and why now? The answer escapes me, and yet I miss her like the twilight misses the dawn, Yearning for its warm embrace, to thaw the cold and dark, But dying itself with each passing moment. Such sweet memories, so little time shared, It feels like years since last I gazed into her beautiful eyes, Twinkling like starlight, full of love and passion, A reminder of God’s beauty and that heaven is real. Each bright moment in my day, I yearn to share it, Where will I go now? With whom to share my life? To find someone to love, and to share my emptiness, To love, to run to, and to share my laughter and life. If not you, then who? I contemplate without solution. Build me into your life, save me a place somewhere, Every day I search for you, how can I ever live without you? Love requires time and patience, love and trust, Enjoy the sweet minutes of bliss in a cruel world, My life is short, our love everlasting, I need you so badly in my life MK. I know you feel my words ring true, Love knows its counterpoint, our souls intertwined, Twisted and fragile and beautiful, As only true love knows. Your love and beauty make the world brighter, Your family and friends know how precious are you, Missing you, woe is me, you are my sustenance, I hunger for you, I starve without you. Maybe my loneliness is playing tricks on me, Did I see you walk by just now? Or was it just an echo of when you came to visit? My heart, mind, and soul ache for you. One look into your beautiful blue eyes, There I see my happiness, How important you are to me, My heart knows that your love is all I need. A flower without water, wilts, The earth without roots, blows away, dust in the wind, A garden without rain, withers and dies, I miss you a thousand-fold more – the centerpiece of my life. And so I wait, wishing for you, longing for you, Hoping against hope that I might wake up to your face, Longing for sleep and to dream, That I might again hold you in my arms and kiss your soft, sweet lips. I am yours, I cannot bear to lose your love, I cannot say goodbye, True love is certain, and knows not the boundaries of time, Though centuries may pass, and oceans of time, two lovers forever bound to one another. I hope that you feel my love, I hope that your heart also beats for me, My heart in your hands forever, Waiting, waiting, wishing…forever yours.

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