Missing You

I miss you For no reason at all Just because, I miss you I can imagine you're not thinking of me, yet I am thinking of you All the little things I miss I miss your laugh, and contagious smile I don't know why I miss you You've gone away yet you're still here My heart aches as you leave our time behind The way you speak, the way you think I miss it all, every small thing So far, yet so close I miss your eyes looking into mine And you hands holding me Yet i'm not sure why I wish you would leave me, just as you left me I don't want the memories, no not really They only bring one word I want them gone, I want you gone For me, just go As I am irrelevant, you stay relevant In my head and in my conversations Out of my soul onto paper Words of sorrow and doubt Oh, how I miss you and oh, how I want you gone I want to hit erase, hit delete Erase you from my memory, leaving no trace I miss you but you need to go I miss you but i'm letting go I miss you but i'm erasing you I miss you, do you miss me?
Missing You

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