missing father

fathers that forgot they had roles  but decided to walk away and never coming back

~~I started school you were there but you weren’t there when I finished

Now I spend my years watching movies and TV learning and getting lesson quoting lines from Morgan Freeman to Denzel Washington hearing the man to man talk father daughter talk

Cause you disappeared on me and the family while I was young so I had to take the lead even though I didn’t know what to do now I have to rewind movies and watch repeats on TV so I get a lesson how to make decisions and protect the family

Little did I know you left a pile of responsibilities and other things on my shoulders cause I’m the oldest

Now I gotta get a degree so I can do your job that you were being late for daily

Shit I don’t know where to start what to say or do cause you never taught me to do what a real man does and which nigaz stay away from

Now I galavant this life wishing and hoping you comeback to do your job cause I wasn’t hired to take over what you had to do

But I still watch movies and TV series catching up on what I missed so I can learn what to do next to protect me and my family

Cause they looking up to me when they should look up to you

cause I’m still a young kid and now I’m father figure

My heart and a part of me wants you to comeback and do your role

Now I got no Father to show me the ropes to lead me

Moms encouraging me to treat a person. Right but other things needed your expertise not Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington movies and TVs

I needed a figure and a man to be a father so I can get a pure example of a father figure

But you were GONE


 My heart is becoming colder and stronger cause of you

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