“Love” (noun) - An intense feeling of deep affection. You might wonder, What even is love? You see, it isn't a word, Or a thought, Or even an action It is when someone consumes you They overthrow your thoughts Your every single thought. You know you love them when you can look in their eyes and feel at home, When you can never find the rights words to explain to them how truly unbelievable they are Love is when your every action revolves around that certain one person, And no matter what their happiness comes before yours. It's never planned, this thing we all dream to have And to be quite brutally honest, it isn't some fairytale either Love has a trend of hurting It leaves you crying on your pillowcase at 2 a.m Gasping out for air as your thoughts consume you You get stuck wondering why you aren't enough, Or what went wrong Or why they don't love you back, Or just simply why? Why me? Why you? Why now? Perhaps you thought they were the one and fate brought you together for a reason, But then time ran out, fate failed you once more, and you remain left in the shadows of self pity and remorse You'll cry a lot You'll stay up all night planning your future together, You'll laugh until it hurts and you hurt until you feel you can't take anymore, But in the end, if someone honestly loves you, They will fight for you, And if they do not, then they are not worth your time, And certainly not worth your tears.

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