Somewhere over the rainbows and the nostalgia of the glory days of my youth brings joy and sadness to my soul. Wishing that we; my love ones and me, from whom I've drifted could go back to the times that were good. 


It's been a long; a long time coming but I know a change is gonna come. How different we grow up to become; similar circumstances slightly different variables. And me; who would have thought; Faheem would get the best deal. Forever grateful to Allah. I love my grandma; she loved me dearly. 


Evening time; school is over now it's tv time. The sanctuary  of the the sunshine guides us as we walk miles to a place we call home. Home; too often taken for granted; not the building that makes it but the souls that dwell there.


Beautiful morning; your the sun in my morning babe, nothing unwanted. the Sun's hues shines through the green leaves of spring's trees as I think of my wife, holding her like priceless gems. 


I miss the days when life was simple; before race factored so much into my inter human interactions. When who's faster was the mode of discussion. Before my cognitive scope broadened  and humans were valued by their net worth. Before I felt so much; before I understood so much. Before the exploits of capitalism, classism, racism became so apparent.


I'll never know what happiness is; I'll never know what sweet caress is; as long as I'm alive happiness eludes me. Happy; i mean how could I be, to be happy is be free my people and me. To be free is to know. How could we be happy, to know is to suffer and to not know we wonder around heedlessly. 



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