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  • Created: November 3, 2020
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A sane person, In an insane world, Is labeled insane, For what is sanity but a label, A classification of our worth, And yet I find myself wondering, I let my mind run astray, Does it truly matter, In the infintum, We call Milky Way, Just as softly drifting snow, Is still wet, still cold, still falling, We are still here, still alive, More than that, We still thrive, Yet we let ourselves, Be split and divided, Spit on each other's work, We scratch and claw and bite, Steal and beg, we fight, We look at one another, Like we would pieces of dirt, Cause so many people, So much pain, and such hurt, Why can't our love, Be unconditional, Why must we shun, Every thing untraditional We can learn to live together, Or we can learn to try, For it is together, That we live and die, We can find peace, Live as one in unity, All we've gotta do, Is change our, Mentality. - Ghost April 1, 2020

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